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Forrester Research in 2019:

”B2B e-commerce will reach $1.8 trillion and account for 17% of all B2B sales in the U.S. by 2023.“

For the businesses which have too many products to offer, it is alway hard to build  comprehensive online catalogues by the ordinary website layouts.  patisco SaaS solution can help them quickly build their easily managed B2B e-commerce portals. Whether they need to display products to B2B or B2C customers, create trading documents collaboratively, or make online sales, patisco will follow the general B2B business principle and make the B2B sales online a reality.

Display Products Safely

Users can display and manage their product detail, pricing, terms and conditions  according to customers' characteristics without repetitive input.

Co-Work Documents

Originally complicated, repetitive, and time consuming trading documents checking and correcting processes need to be greatly  reduced.

B2B, B2C Online Shop

Many people believe that only the products can be found on the Internet exist. For B2B customers, they want their purchasing terms and conditions to be negotiable.



If You Can Not Find It 
Means It Doesn't Exist

Forrester Research discovered that 94% of B2B procurement staffs will search online before making a purchasing decision. A 2015 Google study found that 46% of B2B procurement staffs are between the ages of 18 and 34. These B2B procurement staffs will try their best to obtain relevant information of B2B products or services on the Internet, and expect to start dealing quickly, and the dealing progress will be recorded like B2C experiences. They rely on these transaction histories to make the accurate business decisions, increasing their dependency with the B2B businesses that can provide transaction histories.


Online Advertisement
Leads to the Door 

There are many online advertising services in the market, the most popular ones are Google, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. Most of them can focus on the content and effectively reaching the potential customers. Therefore, the opportunity cost of acquiring new customers can be measured directly with the investment on advertisements.  However, for B2B businesses, it is not so easy to turn visitors to customers. These companies are heavily rely on their sales staffs to actively response and tracking the questions in order to turn these opportunities into businesses.


Don 't Waist Your Time
On Simple Questions

Businesses which supplying components or consumables such as oil seals, screws, drill bits, electronic parts, etc., have a wide range of product selections.  They need the inquiries on quality, standards, and specs to be specified accurately. As a result, sales staffs will be very easily burned out after dealing with disproportionate volume of inquiries verses transactions.  Then, they will be only willing to deal with their old customers. Therefore, when displaying product details on the B2B portals, it must be very detailed and easy to search. It will be even better if the correlation between price, order quantity, terms and conditions, etc. are clearly revealed. So, the companies can retain their manpower to only dealing with the tough questions.


Real Customer

If there are visitors who are not scared away from the meticulous product detail and purchasing restriction and, still keep asking questions, congratulations! your B2B portals have successfully acquired the quality customers. At this time, the sales staffs' responding speed becomes critical. The faster they reply, the quicker they can close the deals. The messaging system on patisco can tighten the relevant questions with the products or documents. All the related topics will be listed together to reduce searching and memorizing, and speeding up the responding time.


Footprints On
The Sands Of Time

The fast and accurate response will demonstrate the companies' strength, but, nowadays, products are getting more and more complicated, and the company personnel turnover rate is high.  Choosing patisco to elevate company strength will be a wise decision. All of the business moves can be recorded on the co-work documents among the participating parties on patisco. Every confirmation will be documented as a PDF file as evidence to avoid tampering.


Profit, Profit, Profit!

Providing quality shipping documents is one of the most important tasks of sales staffs, because it has directly impact to the customers' payments.  At patisco, we enforce data recording, enhance document adjustability, and reduce input redundancy, so B2B companies can streamline their order-to-delivery process with great confident.  We believe that only profitability can drive B2B companies with willingness to move their businesses online.


Let Us Help You Perfect Your B2B E-Commerce Portal!

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