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You Need A Winning

B2B E-Commerce Strategy!

Turn Your Website Into A

B2B E-Commerce Platform

Effectively Reduce The Time And Manpower

Servicing  Massive And Diverse Customers

It's Not An Opportunity,

It's A Necessity!

94% of B2B buyers search for related products online before making a decision.

In 2019, the global B2B EC market value was US$12.2 trillion, 6 times that of B2C.

More than 75% of buyers and sellers prefer self-service and remote interaction in online sales.




Internet is necessary for all level of  businesses. It has leveled the playing field and exposed that the traditional big corporate customers might not be the only and even the ideal customers for SMEs.

In this time and space where traditional and modern business mindsets intersect, in order to take into account both existing business operations and creating new opportunities, you need Patisco. It specializes in assisting SMEs to deal with B2B customers on the Internet by the most efficient way.

This is the only essential field in the digital transformation of SMEs that can simultaneously increase revenue and reduce expenditure.

Different Customers, Different Products, Different Prices

Login To Frontend And Customers Will See...

The sidebar assists navigation to find appropriate items, and the navigation results will not be blank or have no products. Product content includes important information such as quantity, trading conditions, price, etc. There are also detailed classifications for items with the same attributes, suitable for industrial products with complex specifications. Add the product to your shopping cart to place your order.

You Can Just Get Online and Started

Login To Backend For Administration

The latest progress and shortcuts are displayed on the Desktop to facilitate sales staffs to get started quickly. The system presentation method maintains the "what you see is what you get" principle. According to the customer's authorization status, the price of the product can be negotiated or the design can be changed. PDF versions of files can also be produced to cope with the dilemma of customers with varying degrees of digitization.

Perfectly Stated Product Info Is Gold

Product Creation And Categorization

The display of product information will directly affect the customer's willingness to place an order. It must be able to adjust itself at any time to optimize the presented content. The "batch" function is specially designed to handle the uploading, removal, or modification of large amounts of product information. Create primary and secondary labels to structure the product specifications and navigation context.

Customized or Standardized Products By Your Choice

Configure Customers To See Different Products

Your products can first be categorized into several "Product Webpages". The products in each Product Webpage can be edited and arranged by yourself. Each Product Webpage can be assigned to multiple customers.  How the pages are presented, and how the prices and terms are laying out can also be checked and verified from here. 

Collected Customers'  Transaction History

Set Up Customer Accounts

Regardless of whether the customer accepts the invitation, their information is recorded here for future use in the production of trade documents. All the customer's historical trade documents: orders, pro forma invoices, quotations, inquiries, and shipping documents can be searched at any time. If the customer is invited to use the product webpage to browse products and place an order, the transaction conditions will be regulated here.

Maintain Company Data Consistency

System Operation & Admin

"Basic Info Setting" standardizes the consistency of all document output and avoids the trouble of modifying content unsync. "Authority Management" allows you to set company personnel accounts and functions accessibility. "Account Management" is a mechanism for managing business invitations.

​Usage Experience Sharing

Pedaling Forward / Point Asia

It has always required a lot of manpower and time to maintain the cumbersome quotation inquiry and ordering processes of their long existing large European customers.  After using Patisco, it has added more than 500 small and medium-sized customers while maintaining the same manpower and still able to process business with ease. The gross profit margin of these newly acquired smaller customers has also increased to 25% comparing to the 5% from the old channels.


Faced with the resources and uncertainties required to expand into the Japanese market, Everfriend used Patisco to quickly connect the complete product information of six high-quality Taiwanese suppliers with their Japanese sales channels. This allows customers with different channel attributes to be automatically categorized when they put forward demands and place orders. Greatly simplify the work process and avoid communication barriers.

SuperB Industrial

SuperB's main business is to design and produce professional hand tools. Business growth has always been limited by the complication of specs and diversity of hand tools. Its the job originally handled by manpower to track and manage the process. After using Patisco, the communication efficiency of business staff has greatly improved, and the business has grown three times in three years. In the second month of using Patisco, it was found that the amount of paper used in the office was reduced by 80%.
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