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Privacy Policy takes the customer material security and privacy extremely serious, follows: "The Computer Processing Individual Information Protection Act" of Republic Of China, and standards the right of this privacy agreement. Any of your revealed individual information, corporate information, processing data, and identity within this website will be included in this statement.

Data Usage

Any data acquired by this website will be used internally only. Only if explained beforehand or according to the related law, otherwise all information will be preserved.

Data Security

This website is an authorized SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) member. All data is under the protection of SSL.

Data Search and Correction

If there are needs for information or data correction, users can send the correction inquiry through this website for better data protection.

Self-Protection Policy

Please do NOT give the user ID or passwords to others. This is for protecting your data and preventing unauthorized account entering. User is responsible for the user ID and passwords protection.

Cookies Utilization

To provide better and more friendly services, this website has adopted Cookies. Cookies is a technology for web server to communicate with users' internet browser. It will insert a small amount of data into users internet browser and operate when logging on to this website. If this function is turned off in the browser, some of the services and functions provided by this website will be paralyzed.

Policy Revision

Xinosys has the right to revise the company policy. When there are changes which might affect the right of the subscribed users, the changes will be posted on the website or e-mailed to notify.

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